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Sheet glass

Sheet window glass

The sheet window glass is produced in accordance with the vertical pulling system (VPS). This glass thickness varies from 1.4 mm to 7 mm for the brand M 4 (according to the State Standard: 111-2001).

The sheet window glass is used for different purposes, such as:

translucent structures glazing of buildings, constructions and greenhouses;

shop windows production;

multiple glass panes production;

production of special equipment shielding glass;

furniture manufacture.

The advantage of the vertical pulling system (VPS) is glass manufacture of thin face values with 1.4-1.8 mm thickness. It is successfully used at our enterprise at release of glass for portraits and pictures, instrument-making, electronic industries. While using the equipment of leading foreign and Russian firms, the glass is cut with high accuracy. The packing of glass is reliable and allows to transport it lost-free for a long distance. We can also deliver our production by the firm transport.