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Glass manufacturing

200 years in the glass market!



The Joint Stock Company the firm «SIMVOL» is one of the oldest glass enterprises of Russia which history begins in 1811. The company developed from a small workshop till modern highly technological enterprise. Nowadays the Joint Stock Company the firm «SIMVOL» is the leading plant of glass industry having great significance within Russian and international market. For all these years the Joint Stock Company the firm «SIMVOL» became a multisectoral enterprise manufacturing sheet glass, glass bottles, tinted glass, special equipment glass, multiple glass panes, multilayer shock-proof and bullet-proof glass, automobile glass, for all the brands of Russian and foreign cars. The manufacture of quartz ceramics made of quartz glass waste has been mastered at the enterprise. There has been developed and mastered the technology of manufacture of decorative souvenir products made of coloured glass sticks, which are also produced at our enterprise. All the goods of the firm «SIMVOL» are united by two main characteristics: high quality and ecological cleanness. That is why, having taken part in the competition «Russian brand of the third millenium. High-quality mark of the 21-st century.» the firm was rewarded with the diploma as a winner for the high quality products. It is also confirmed by such rewards as «Leader of Russian economy», «International Gold star for quality».

The monitoring results show that the firm «SIMVOL» is in the top ten best Russian enterprises. It can combine the glass manufacture with careful attitude to nature. The enterprise pays great attention to ecological policy. There is developed an ecological programme containing the measures on the decrease of air waste, exhaust gas heat recycling, sewage treatment. The firm «SIMVOL» is the finalist of the competition «The best Russian enterprise 2000» in the nomination «For the efficient ecological policy». For 20 years there has been held the complex work to create technical possibilities and staff for the improvement of the production and its product line widening. These efforts were especially required during the transmission to market relations.

It should be observed that the staff and manufacturing facilities were kept due to these efforts. During this period the salary was paid regularly, working places were kept. The construction of accommodation for the employers of the firm is going on. But the staff achievements had to be directed to a new quality level. For this purpose there was executed the programme of technical re-equipment, entrepreneurship acquirement. To keep and strengthen the positions on the product market the high quality and competitive production is manufactured.